Understand Space

Use the spaces endpoint to query all spaces for your organization. The query output provides the space list and space metadata of the space, including:


id is the unique identifier of the space in Density. It starts with spc and then is followed with a series of digits. For example spc_2007812342638969000.


name is the customer defined name of the space. For example:

  • San Francisco Campus 1
  • San Francisco Campus 1 - 8th Floor
  • 08-1234
  • 08-1234 huddle areas


space_type is the type of the space. Under one Account/Organization, the space hierarchy can be broken down as follow:

  • Portfolio
    • Region (coming soon)
    • Campus (optional)
      • Building
      • Floor
        • Space

Space can be nested, meaning space can contain other spaces. A parent space is a superset of its sub-spaces.


function represents the 'use' of a space. For example: desk, phone booth, meeting room, open workstation, gym, lounge, cafe.


capacity is the capacity of the space. It can be configured on the Space Setting page.


children_ids are the spaces one level down of the parent level. For example, if a building has 3 floors and 300 areas, the children ids under the building are 3 (not 303).


Labels are customer, user-supplied, and text-based.

  1. A space can have custom prefixed labels, for example:
    • Neighborhood
    • Department (Sales, Engineering, Marketing, etc.)
    • Technology (Zoom-enabled, whiteboard, etc.)
    • Amenities (desk, has windows, etc.)
    • Other
  2. A space can also have custom labels, for example: Herman Miller, Cold Brew. Custom labels are key-value pairs.

Why is label useful?

With labels, you can answer questions such as:

  • Are people using the new collaboration areas equipped with soft-seating, more so than the previous collaboration areas with hard-tops?
  • Are Zoom-enabled conference rooms used more or less than conference rooms without this technology?
  • Does the Marketing team use the office differently (e.g. time spent in focus vs. collaboration spaces) from the Engineering team?